Culture Extended Connection presents Mariachi de mi Tierra

Price City, Utah State University Eastern, along with Excellence in the Community are all looking forward to another free Culture Extended Connection concert on Friday, March 15. The band, Mariachi de mi Tierra will be taking the stage at 7:00 pm at the Price City Civic Auditorium located at 185 East Main Street.

“Mariachi de mi Tierra is a very, very professional band performing very traditional songs from Mexico. Mauricio Paez is the leader of the group and it’s a charming performance, they got great singers, great instrumentalists, and they wear these fancy costumes and they bring high energy to the stage,” said Excellence in the Community Founder, Jeff Whiteley. “This is an outreach to the Spanish speaking community and the music is high quality.  Everyone will enjoy it. We love working with this group.”

Excellence in the Community is a non-profit organization that works to create performance opportunities for Utah artists. “We’re a non-profit, we started in 2005. I thought that our communities throughout Utah would be enriched and enhanced if the very finest Utah musicians were performing more often and if those concerts were more visible and more accessible to the general public,” explained Whiteley. He truly believes that such musical performances have the ability to bring a community closer together. To learn more about Excellence in the Community visit their website at