Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood weekly update

Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood recently returned from a 100-mile boat excursion with neighboring sheriffs from Emery and San Juan Counties, along with some dignitaries. The group were able to take a trip down the Colorado River into Lake Powell as part of a training exercise.

“The purpose of it – there were three sheriffs that went, Sheriff Funk, myself and Sheriff Torgerson from San Juan, there’s also a couple of U.S. Attorneys and some other Rangers that were with us. We got to know the folks really well and the capabilities of their boats for rescue purposes,” said Sheriff Wood. “You know we have Desolation Canyon that is in our county that’s pretty much inaccessible other than by air or water and now we know we can call the National Park Service and they’ll bring their boats up and they can access that area.” The Rangers that took the group out on the trip are very knowledgeable about the workings of the river as that is their job is to manage folks who utilize the rivers. Overall, the Sheriff felt that the training and becoming familiar with the National Park Service resources first hand could benefit the county in the future.

The Carbon County Search and Rescue are still extending an invitation to individuals to participate in their annual fundraiser. “August 10th, Demolition Derby – so there are 33 cars signed up right now that are ready to go. They’ve paid their fee, they’re ready to go. I think we’re going to have into the 40’s and Paul Pugliese has a goal of 50, he wanted to see us have 50 cars, we have a bet, if he get’s his 50 I have to make him a steak,” explained Sheriff Wood. Tire King located at 535 East Main Street in Price is the hub for drivers who would like to register, obtain a hard copy of the rules and can direct any other derby questions to.

The Sheriff finished by recognizing drivers have been more conscientious about their speed through various neighborhoods in the county. “I want to thank the community, we’ve noticed those areas that we always talk about Westwood, Prazen Lane, Spring Glen, Miller Creek, we are noticing that traffic starting to obey the speed limit a lot better. We want to thank you for that, we still want to stay diligent with those areas,” stated Sheriff Wood. Deputies will still patrol those areas on a regular basis.

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