Press conference was held for the officer involved shooting in Wellington

On the evening of September 10, there was an officer-involved shooting that took place in Wellington near 900 East and Railroad Avenue where officers were responding to a call of a suicidal male. The male has been identified Bobby Ray Duckworth, 26-year-old, of Wellington.

Media gathered for a press conference on the morning of September 11 at the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office where Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley, Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood and Carbon County Attorney Jeremy Humes were in attendance.

Police Chief Rory Bradley read the following statement to the media:

“On the evening of September 10, an officer with Wellington City responded to a suicidal male, Bobby Ray Duckworth a 26-year-old male whom currently resided in Wellington. The incident occurred about 7:00 pm near 900 East and Railroad Avenue in Wellington Mr. Duckworth sustained fatal injuries resulting from the altercation. This incident is being investigated by the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with Price City Police Department and Emery County Sheriff’s Office. The officer was placed on paid Administrative Leave per Wellington City Policy. More details will be given as the investigation continues.”

Bradley then took a moment to offer condolences to all those involved in the incident, “I’d like to express our heartfelt sympathies to the family of the deceased, as well as our Wellington City Officer and his family.” Chief Bradley then stated that when he received the call, he instantly followed Critical Incident Protocol where the officer involved in the shooting was immediately put on administrative leave while the investigation continues.

The investigation is being led by the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, along with Price City Police Department and Emery County Sheriff’s Office. The investigation is ongoing as Sheriff Wood explains, “Our detectives will be out to the scene today and the scene is still an active crime scene, so it will be closed. We won’t have any access to the scene today, they will be out there finishing up their investigation. There was body camera footage on the officer that was involved in this, that will be reviewed today and it will be available later.”  The Sheriff is very appreciative to the many agencies that are actively working the incident.

Jeremy Humes, Carbon County Attorney took time to speak on the incident. “Our role in this will be to assist in the investigation; we have two individuals from our office that have been assigned to assist in the investigative process an investigator and a deputy county attorney. In addition to that we will conduct a review once this investigation is complete to determine the best course of action at that point.”

The media was briefly given a moment to ask questions.

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