An ordinance amending the land use code of Wellington City pertaining to the keeping of chickens has been modified and signed as of March 26th by Mayor Joan Powell.
Chickens will be permitted on owner occupied, residential properties the size of 2,500 to 7,000 square feet with a maximum of three chickens. Properties from 7,000 to 10,000 square feet are permitted a maximum of six chickens. Properties from 10,000 to 21,000 square feet are permitted a maximum of ten chickens. Any properties larger than 21,000 square feet are permitted a maximum of twelve chickens. Roosters will not be permitted.
Chickens shall be restricted to the property owner’s yard and shall be contained in an outdoor predator proof enclosure and contained in a chicken coop during evening hours.
Property owner agree that chicken coops and enclosures will not be allowed in the front yards. The coops and enclosures must have a minimum floor area of three square feet, at least ten feet from any inhabited dwelling on an adjacent lot and minimum of 12 inches from a property line fence.
Chickens shall be provided constant access to clean food and water stored in predator, rodent proof containers.
Owners agree that chickens will not become a nuisance by sound, smell or by trespassing on adjoining properties and will obtain a chicken ownership permit from Wellington City. Any sale of eggs from owner’s home will require a Home Occupied Business License.
Wellington residents can call City Hall at 637-5213 with any questions or concerns of the new ordinance.

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