The Urgent Care Coming Soon lot will soon see construction begin after months of only advertising on the empty lot. Mark Holyoak, Chief Executive Officer of Castleview Hospital was egger to let the community know about the news.

“We’ve had some signs there, Urgent Care Coming Soon. I’d kind a joking around amongst those of us at the hospital that it probably should have said, Urgent Care Not Coming Soon Enough.  We truly do have some news that we should be doing some ground breaking there the end of July or the latest the first week of August,” stated Holyoak. An agreement has been secured with Lundahl Building and a design build is set to really accelerate the project, with the hope to have the doors open the first quarter of 2017.

Members of the community were very keen on the idea of wanting and establishing an Urgent Care in our area. “A lot of the communities have Urgent Care availability, what we have in our community is we have primary care or primary care physicians, we have the emergency room and so the community has come to us multiple times requesting an Urgent Care here in the community and so we are responding to that request and that need of the community,” said Holyoak. It is very important the community understands that the Urgent Care is not to take place of their primary care physician.

The new facility will help alleviate non-emergency visits to the ER so that they may concentrate on emergency medicine. “It will be one that no appointment will be necessary, a walk-in clinic and we’ll have some extended hours to really supplement the primary care here in the community, it will never replace the Emergency Room,” stated Holyoak.

The Urgent Care will be able to work around the remaining home of Larry Rake that is near the construction site. Rake had no desire to sell his property due to his age and how much he has invested into his long-time home. There are definitely no ill will feelings between him and the hospital. Holyoak wants the same open communication he has had with Rake to be with other community members, whether it’s in regards to the Urgent Care construction or the hospital facility itself. “No matter how we get the feedback I want to hear from you. Whatever we can do, our mission is making communities healthier and so we would love to hear from you how we can do that, so thank you so much,” stated Holyoak.

If there are any concerns or questions about the construction of the Urgent Care facility or Castleview Hospital you may contact the administration at 637-4800.