Seventh-Day Adventist Church presents Cheri Peters with True Step Ministries will be making a stop in Price on Friday, September 9 through Sunday, September 11 at the Price Civic Auditorium located at 185 East Main Street. With her 30 plus years in recovery, two published books, a radio and television show she travels all over to speak to individuals/groups to encourage those at risk to explore and develop their own purpose in life.

“You know I have been doing this all over the world and we have a program called Celebrating Life in Recovery and I’m going to be there September 9, 10 and 11 and I’m looking forward to it,” said Peters. She shares her poignant experiences of living on the streets for 10 years addicted to drugs and how she found her way out of that destructive lifestyle.

On Saturday, at 10:00 am is the most moving session to experience it’s entitled The Incredible Gift of Forgiveness. Peters explains, “I didn’t really heal until I started forgiving those that hurt me the deepest in my life. Once I got that, everything else just kind of writes itself and so I think that is my favorite presentation; is how do we let those really deep hurts go.” This will be followed by a lunch at 1:00 pm for guests to enjoy, the cost for the meal is a monetary donation.

At 2:00 pm Celebrating Life in Recovery will be held and a special kids activity will be made available during this session. “We will talk about chemical addiction…how to get clean, how to stand up, how to see if something is in your life that is dysfunctional that you don’t want in your life, said Peters. Addiction does not have to be drugs and/or alcohol; it can be anything addictive and/or dysfunctional behaviors. This session will help individuals know their personal worth and potential.

A musical concert and remarks will close out the day at 6:00 pm.

Sunday will pick up at 10:00 am till noon with the Unlikely Ambassador Training Session where a special kids activity will be made available again.

There will be free RV or Camper parking only at the Price Seventh-Day Adventist Church located at 2821 South Highway 10, no electric or sewer hookups available.

If you have any questions about the Celebrating Life in Recovery event, you can call Roger at 472-1161 or Tom at (385) 209-3734