Price City each month sends a representative to Castle Country Radio to keep listeners posted or informed on various topics. This month brought in Price City Public Works Director, Miles Nelson who spoke on water resources, city projects, and the city’s annual clean up.

Over the winter the water plant operations have undergone some major maintenance work as Nelson explains, “We’ve got the Water Treatment Plant, typically this time of year coming up to speed on getting ready to treat water but we’ve recently gone a major project at the plant where we resurfaced our settling pond, settling basin. We’ve had the need to keep that well maintained, keep that preserved its an expensive resource and that painting keeps it going and operating properly – so we’ve gone through that.” As the temperatures rise along with the demand for more water usage, the water treatment operations will commence this week. The City is fortunate that the primary water source comes from our springs which satisfy our drinking water demand for six months of the year. This year’s snow-packed mountain is 135 to 150 percent of normal which is really decent. However, community members are still encouraged to water wisely it’s rare that our area sees two years in a row with above average precipitation.

Another project that will begin in a few weeks is the sewer cleaning for the north half of the city. “One thing that we do on a regular basis is keep our maintenance of our sewer lines at top condition. We clean those lines every other year throughout the city. One year we’ll do the north half of the city and then the other year we will do the south half of the city. That keeps the sewer system operating properly, it reduces our liability costs with our insurance and keeps things working well – we don’t like to have sewer problems,” explained Nelson. Notices have gone out to residents and businesses that will be affected by the cleaning. The process will take a few weeks to complete and the city apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

The city’s annual clean-up will take place on April 13 and run through till April 21. All city residents are urged to use this time to clean up their properties to help beautify the city. “We’re excited to help the city’s citizens and businesses clean up the area and make it look a lot better. We’ve actually had a lot of support from the county on this because they waive the fees at the landfill during this time period for everybody in the county not just the city of Price,” said Nelson. The Landfill business hours are Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, closed Sundays and holidays. Price City will allow yard trash to be set out on parkways, curbs, road sides within the City’s right of way. Price City reserves the right to reject any pile of trash or debris that it feels it can not properly handle. Residents will be required to remove such piles.

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