The Utah State University Extension is offering a Carbon-Emery Beef Production Workshop on Friday, November 22 at 5:00 pm at the Carbon County Event Center at 310 South Fairgrounds Road.  This event will feature several guest specialists who will present and speak to attendees.

“We’ll have Dr. Ryan Larson he’s are Ag. Economics Specialist from the university. So he’ll be talking about cattle cycles, market timings; kind of the cycles we see annually but also across multiple years and he’ll be telling us how we need to manage to fit within the cycle,” said Agriculture Agent, Steven Price.

Another great presenter will be Beef Specialist, Matt Garcia. “His focus is the unique environmental component of raising cattle in Utah. So he tries to match the genetics to our unique environmental situations in Utah so we can get the best productivity and longevity out of those cows,” stated Price.

Last but definitely not least, Rangeland Specialist, Eric Thacker will be in attendance to speak with guests as Price explains, “Traditionally we have had a lot of brush management in the past. There’s been some concern that some of those treatments negatively impact certain wildlife species that depend on those brush ecosystems. He’s going to be talking about matching brush management for forge production but also how that relates to our wildlife – to improve wildlife habitat.”

The scheduled speakers will help guests improve their heard, business and profit. At the end of the presentations, guests will be given an opportunity to direct any questions to the specialists.

Event organizers would like folks who are interested in attending to please RSVP by calling Steven Price at (435) 636-3235 or email him at