The Southeast Utah Health Department (SEUHD) is announcing the first positive COVID-19 test in Carbon County. The patient is an adult male between the ages of 25 and 45. The details of this case are still being investigated, but initial information indicates that he is not a resident of Utah. This is the second positive case in our district with the first being in Grand County. Due to medical privacy laws, SEUHD will not be releasing any further information about this confirmed case.

SEUHD is working with the individual to identify people and places that were potentially exposed. If you are found to be at risk due to contact with this individual, you will be notified by the Health Department. The patient and his known contacts will be asked to remain isolated at home and will remain under active monitoring until at least 14 days from symptom or completion of CDC protocol. Symptoms for COVID-19 include cough, shortness of breath, and fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bradon Bradford, SEUHD Health Officer stated, “This case highlights the need for each of us to stay home as much as possible and follow the directive of the Governor to “Stay Home, Stay Safe”.

Those who have COVID-19 like symptoms are asked to stay home. They should not go to work, school, or any other public places, including stores, restaurants, grocers, or any other retail establishments. Those that may need medical attention should call their healthcare provider before seeking care in person.

Isolation is for those individuals with symptoms of disease. Quarantine is for those that have been exposed and may become symptomatic. In either case, individuals should not leave the home for any reason, unless advised by their health care provider to seek medical care. SEUHD recommends that any potentially exposed area or household be cleaned frequently to reduce the risk of transmission. This can include counters, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, switches, and bedside tables. Additionally, we recommend that all residents wash their hands frequently, avoid touching their face, and stay home when sick.

If you have questions about COVID-19, contact the Utah COVID-19 Information Line at 1-800-456-7707. For local information please visit Southeast Utah Health Department website at For statewide information visit the Utah COVID-19 website at or CDC at