Severe Flooding struck the Carbon County Area on Friday, June 21, due to a mass thunderstorm that made its way through the area.

The storm hit so hard that it caused the Price/Wellington Canal to begin to overflow, causing the streets to flood and some residents to be stuck within their homes, making it so emergency services had to respond.

First Responders from across Carbon County worked quickly to try and quell the flooding, with equipment like bulldozers being deployed to help clear water and push debris off the road.

On Carbonville Road the Utah Division of Natural Resources worked quickly to clear debris off the road, which included a fallen tree. In addition to this, workers and volunteers alike worked to keep drains clear to allow unobstructed passage of water to help clear roads and sidewalks.

The storm marks the first major rainstorm of the Summer season, coming as a result of increased moisture due to Tropical Storm Alberto, which initially hit Texas and Mexico. Texas is expected to receive five to 10 inches of rain, while Mexico is expected to receive over 20 inches of rain.

This storm also comes at a time when many areas of the state are facing similar storms, with many areas, including Carbon County, being hit with hail as big as a half-inch, and winds of up to 50 mph.

For those affected in Carbon County, sandbags are available for pick up at the Carbon County Fairgrounds.