My Side of the Universe is a weekly talk show on KOAL 107.3 FM and 750 AM that explores the world of paranormal activity. Each week the show features guests who have an expertise in a specific field, or those who have encountered something supernatural or unexplainable. My Side of the Universe airs each Saturday on KOAL at 11:00 AM.

The show’s host Todd Wilcox has had a life long fascination with the weird and unusual, now known as the paranormal.  In addition to all things paranormal, Todd really enjoys old monster and Sci-Fi movies and is always ready to talk about them.

“My return on investment for UFO and Bigfoot hunting is very low,” said Wilcox when talking about his experiences.  “I have seen 1 UFO (probably terrestrial) and Bigfoot has eluded me completely.  My plan has been to allow the aliens to abduct me then commandeer the ship, and go traveling.  However, after several interviews with abductees and researchers I’m starting to believe that is not the best plan.”

While the show covers a large base of global unexplained events and happenings, Wilcox has enjoyed researching and talking about strange local happenings. “We are starting to get a local flavor for the show and would like to expand on that,” he said. ” We have had many nationally prominent guests and we are now getting the local guests that are great to talk to.”

The first episode of My Side of the Universe aired on January 16, 2016. Since then it has blossomed into something Wilcox is extremely proud of. “As you can see I have a face for radio and I’m told a voice for print – so I’m very honored to host My Side of the Universe and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”