This summer The Peak 95.3 and Kickin’ Country 98.3 will be bringing The Greatest Comeback Tour Summer Giveaway Party to all their loyal listeners!

This Summer Giveaway Party is open to anyone over the age of 18 years old who would like an opportunity to win one of the grand prizes, a CF Moto 500 from Cycle Savers or a Traeger Grill from Jones Ace Hardware. Keep in mind that the winner is responsible for all applicable taxes and fees associated with the grand prizes.

How do you enter?

It’s easy, all you have to do is enter at any live broadcast locations that take place throughout the summer for a chance to enter your name into the drawing. You can enter at as many live broadcasts as you wish and be entered in the final drawing as many times as you are qualified.

Below is list of qualifiers from each location:

06/18/2020 – Castle Country Hobby & Pawn

Clifford Albrech

Lacey Jewkes

James Jewkes

Cynthia Brown

Crystal Laxton

06/24/2020 – Cycle Savers

Amy Dinkelman

Colin Winchester

Bret Nelson

Louie Starzel

Karen Valentine

06/30/2020 – Price Pediatric Dental

Rusty Woodruff

Jashelle Adams

Miranda Simmons

Jody Young

Dave Jackson

07/08/2020 – Southeast Paint & Design

Jordan Adler

Sierra Jensen

Brent Innes

Michelle Slaughter

Ray Gilbert

07/15/2020 – Smart Health Pharmacy

Darce Guymon

Austin White

Jeanice Tucker

Randy O’Neil

Shaylynn Stilson

07/20/2020 – Cycle Savers

Stacy Abbott

Amy Dinkleman

Michelle Slaughter

Jeremiah Ison

Jody Young

07/30/2020 – Dave’s Auto Detailing

Alayne Carrillo

Rachel Marsing

LeAnn Fazzio

Rachel Johnson

Krisi Pruitt

07/31/2020 – Dawn’s Hometown Insurance/Allstate

David Temple

Pam Gurule

Maddie Reynolds

Lorrie Archer

Niki Guzman

08/04/2020 – Bills’ Home Furnishings

Jan Burrows

Kyle Hansen

Amy Dinkelman

Maxi Jones

LeAnn Fazzio

08/05/2020 – Southeast Paint & Design

Aubrey Kirkwood

Karla Sepulveda

Dani Shepherd

Lorrie Archer

Emilio Aguayo

08/11/2020 – AJs Custom Body & Paint

Kent Burrows

Luis Martinez

Stacy Abbott

LeAnn Fazzio

Lori Vasquez

08/13/2020 – A Perfect Smile

JB Abbott

Tom Martinez

Justin Fish

Thomas Plumley

Liz Howes

08/18/2020 – Hard Hat Furniture & Appliance

Kent Burrows

LeAnn Fazzio

James Brown

Justin Fish

Brent Chaffin

08/18/2020 – Big Mountain Lodge

Robert Thompson

Jan Burrows

Leona Behling

Katie Duncan

Terry Hodge

08/21/2020 – Clean Tech Cleaning & Restoration

Miranda Simmons

Sharon Stamatakis

Cheryl Vea

Jody Young

Liz Howes

08/27/2020 – A Perfect Smile

Rachel Marsing

Paul Guzman

Keven Mortensen

Jackson Gallup

Sue Christensen

08/27/2020 – Dave’s Auto Detailing

Jashelle Adams

Lorrie Archer

Wesley Wright

Chrystal Laxton

Chase D’Ambrosio

09/02/2020 – Southeast Paint & Design

JoAnna Manzanares

Zade Carrillo

Jackie McCourt

Sergei Roper

Monica Dolanwheeler

09/08/2020 – Charlie’s Pawn

Harry Herring

Ruben Trejo

John Butkovich

Alicia Sowder

David Richards

09/09/2020 – Bill’s Home Furnishings

Clyde Brotherson

Jeff Hunter

Jashelle Adams

Jay Dinkelman

Adam Dolanwheeler

09/11/2020 – Clean Tech Cleaning & Restoration

Jeff Braby

Steven Kerr

Miranda Simmons

Lori Vasquez

Maxi Jones