2018 KARB Kickin’ Country Pie Auction

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Castle Country Radio is thrilled to host their Annual Pie Auction on Wednesday, June 13 beginning at 9:00 am on KARB Kickin’ Country FM 98.3 and 106.7. This event started over 10 years ago and the money raised during this event will stay local to help those fighting cancer in our area.

“So, at nine o’clock we kick off with the first pie and we go all the way until all 50 pies are sold to the bidders, the highest bidders. These pies are donated by just regular mom and pop, they are donated by businesses, political people, it doesn’t matter. We have a wide assortment of flavors of pies and we also have really great local businesses that have donated merchandise to put with these pies,” said Office Manager, Ann Anderson. The businesses are a huge part of this event as they lend a helping hand by donating many items and gift certificates to accompany the pies in an effort to bring the value of each pie to around $200.00.

One of the well-known programs the Pie Auction money is used for is the Fuel Card Program. “That money goes into $100.00 fuel cards. Those fuel cards go to residents of Carbon, Emery and Grand counties who have to travel for doctor appointments, chemo, radiation, follow-ups, anything like that. Unfortunately, some of them have to travel outside of the area for these appointments. The expense of going through cancer treatments is already extreme, if we can do our part to help out, we want to do that,” said Anderson. The Southeast Utah Community Development Corporation oversees the funds and since 2011 has enabled CDC to donate about $50,000.00 in the form of $100.00 fuels cards from the pie auction proceeds.

The process to receive a fuel card is made simple for individuals who are residents of Carbon, Emery and Grand counties. “I do the fuel cards once a week and get them sent out. People are eligible for them once a year and we run it by fiscal year, so it goes from July 1 through the end of June and it doesn’t matter your financial situation,” stated Anderson. The fuel cards are issued only on Wednesdays by contacting Anderson at (435) 637-1167 to answer a few general questions about treatment for the program’s records.

The Pie Auction not only funds the Fuel Card program but also donates to the Thomas B Anderson college scholarship. This is proudly named in honor of the radio station’s second-generation owner who passed away in 2012 after a three-and-a-half-year battle with cancer. This $2,500.00 scholarship is awarded to a deserving Carbon, Emery or Grand county student who had or has cancer to further their education.

The yearly event takes place in June and only features 50 pies to auction off. Due to the short amount of on-air time for the auction, approximately seven to nine minutes is spent on each pie for bidders to place their winning bid. “It’s a fun day, it’s a great cause and so everyone tune in to Kickin’ Country, locally that’s 98.3 or 106.7 and I know in Green River 101.1. We’re just the radio waves to open up for it so it’s our great community that we live in that’s giving back to those that are in need,” said Anderson. All pies that are purchased from the auction may be counted towards a tax deduction for customers 2018 income taxes.

To learn more about the event visit www.castlecountryradio.com.