Mallery’s Challenge- Tic-Tac-Flip

Mallery introduces a new version of tic-tac-toe that involves flipping solo cups! Listen to Mornings With Mallery, Monday through Saturday beginning at 6:00 AM. Don’t forget to “Like” and “Subscribe” for more fun content!


Mallery’s Challenge: Balloon Cup Stack

Mallery shows off a new game that involves balloons, plastic cups and family fun! Listen to Mornings With Mallery Monday through Saturday beginning at 6:00 AM on 95.3 The Peak. Don’t forget to “Like” and “Subscribe” for more fun content!


Straw, Water, Teams

Mallery divides the station employees up into two teams, giving each a straw, a jar and water.


Oreo Challenge

Mallery gets the radio station to participate in a Oreo Challenge… that could end in a disgusting surprise.


Emery Football quarterback Wade Stilson talks upcoming season

Jordan Buscarini, play by play voice for Emery High School and host of Drive Time Sports, catches up with Emery High School senior quarterback Wade Stilson. The football season will begin Friday, Aug. 11 as the Spartans take on the North Sanpete Hawks on KOAL 107.3 FM and 750 AM.


Pinnacle Panthers host youth Summer Clinic

Pinnacle Panthers boy’s basketball coach Ray Jones played host to the third annual Pinnacle Youth Summer Camp. In between sessions Coach Jones talked with Jordan Buscarini about the camp itself, what the rest of the summer holds and the success of his team.