Catching up with Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen

Intermountain Electronics (IE) made an announcement on August 8 that they would be expanding in Utah and adding up to 289 jobs and $21.5 million in new state revenue and an estimated $12.5 million in capital investment over the next 15 years. Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen shares his thoughts on the big announcement.

“Intermountain Electronics has been in our county for a long, long time. John Houston and his staff have found a great opportunity in the data center business and also in renewable energy backup storage to expand their business. The need for an expansion over the next ten years has become very evident to them,” explained Commissioner Jensen. IE has four facilities one in Denver, Colorado, Centralia, Illinois, and South Point, Ohio. After careful consideration on where the expansion should take place, it all boiled down between the Price and Denver facility, and it was decided that Price would be the perfect fit.

The expansion is going to be a huge asset to the community both for Carbon and Emery counties. “We’re expecting over the next 10 years to add up to 300 people, that will be a huge impact to us not only for the huge facility they need to build here but for the number of people that it will affect both working for Intermountain Electronics and other industries that support what they do and what they need, it will impact quite a few in the community,” stated Commissioner Jensen. The expansion will require construction of an additional 200,000 square feet of factory floor space that will be built north of their current location, along with additional office space and training area.

Commissioner Jensen finished by saying, “A lot of people in our community are not fully aware of what they build there but we’re going to try and make that a little more open and public, and try to involve the community in helping make sure that our children and grandchildren don’t have to leave our area to have to work but there’s many opportunities that will be available there.” IE did $100 million of work last year and they expect over the next ten years that will increase to $500 million. They provide custom electrical and process equipment to mining, oil and gas, power and utility, and data center industries.

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