Sutherlands would like to invite the children and their fathers to the First Annual Build a Toolbox with Dad event taking place on Saturday, June 18 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. This event will be held at the store located at 406 South Highway 55.

Wayne Clausing, General Manager spoke about the event, “It should be a fun event. You know we have always done something huge for Mother’s Day but we never did anything to get the kids involved with their dad’s and just have a fun day.” The idea came from one of Clausing’s employees.  They took the time to research a simple and sturdy tool box that could be easily built by children along with their fathers.

Kids will not only have the opportunity to build the toolbox but to personalize it as well with paint that will be provided for them to customize. “From 9:00 am till 1 o’clock or until the last kid is done; I’ve always been one to try and take care of every kid we can. We have it set for the first 200 kids, now if more show up, I actually have a contractor that will be on hand that day to cut all the wood and we’ll service as many kids as possible,” stated Clausing.

This is a wonderful opportunity for fathers to show their children the basics of building with wood and using hand tools. “It’s all free, we just want you to learn how to use a hammer and learn how to use a drill. We’re actually going to let you put the screws together with the drill and we’ll have people there to help out, so nobody is going to get hurt, they won’t be handling any power equipment, so everything is pre-cut and ready to go,” said Clausing. Although Clausing would love for Fathers to take a stroll through the store to check out the awesome deals for Father’s Day it is not necessary.

Our very own KRPX – Mornings with Mallery will be hosting a remote at the event and will be giving away tickets to Seven Peaks Water Park.

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