The Bo Huff Car Show is set to take place during Community Days in East Carbon on Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9. This year’s event will be bittersweet for close friends and family members since the passing of founder Bo Huff.

Junior Huff, the son of Bo has stepped up to the wheel to continue the event, “This year we’ll be celebrating that Rock-a-Billy legacy that Bo Huff left to us, by the same old Rock-a-Billy bands, along with some new ones and beautiful custom cars, hot rods and motorcycles.” Live entertainment will be provided by Brian Lee Dunning from Oklahoma, Mad Max and the Wild Ones from Springville and finally Victor Trevino Jr who sings a lot of early Elvis songs.

Participants that would like to enter the Car Show may do so as Huff explained, “Register the day of and the main car show is Saturday, and registration starts at 8:00 am. Its $20.00 for any car or bike.” The Car Show will run the majority of the day for guests to take a tour and admire the vehicles.

Individuals who still want to be a part of the Car Show but don’t have a vehicle to enter, there will be a Pinup and Pompadour contest that will take place during the event. Members of the Dead Sled Car Club will be judging the contests.  

Visitors will have the opportunity to see memorabilia as well as the work that Bo and his crew have either collected or worked on throughout the years. “We will have the museum in East Carbon open all day, The Bo Huff car museum and you’re welcome to come out and enjoy that and make new friends,” said Huff. The museum is located at 117 West Highway 123 in East Carbon.

If you would like more information on The Bo Huff Car Show you can contact Junior at (435) 888-2060 or email