Following the report of an unusually high algal bloom in Scofield Reservoir on Friday, July 22, 2016, the Division of Water Quality (DWQ) and the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) took action to evaluate any potentially toxic levels of cyanobacteria.

A total of four areas were sampled: two on Scofield Reservoir and two downstream on the Price River.

The samples tested from Scofield Reservoir indicated a moderate-to-high level of blue-green algal concentrations. However, no toxicity was measured in the given samples.

The sample sites on the Price River yielded much lower levels of algae, well within normal ranges. These same sites also reported no toxicity.

The Southeastern Utah Health Department has also released the following information:

*Price River Water Improvement District (PRWID) and Price City are aware of the issue and the treated drinking water is completely safe.
*Pets should not be in water that has algae. They are smaller and drink more and at greater risk.
*Do not use untreated water for washing, showering or bathing.
*Fish that are cleaned properly are okay to eat.
*If algae gets on your skin, wash it with soap and water. Pay attention to possible rash.

The drinking water supply is carefully monitored and PRWID recently installed the additional capability of treating the supply with ozone specifically to reduce and remove algae and its precursors.

Sampling in several areas will continue to ensure the safety of the drinking water system as the prevention of the formation of toxins is the highest priority.

For questions about exposure at Scofield Reservoir, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or the Southeastern Utah Health Department at 435-637-3671.

For questions about the drinking water supply, please contact PRWID at 435-637-6351.