Utah State University Extension is excited to offer some new clubs to beat the winter blues. These clubs are being offered through the local 4-H program and open to youth ages 8 to 18 years old.

“We got a craft club coming up that starts in January where they will meet once a month, the first Monday of every month and they will be at the extension classroom, 4-H classroom, and we also have a brand new one that is starting that is called Friday Fun and that also will be once a month on a Friday at the Extension Office,” said 4-H Coordinator, DeLayna Barr. The USU Extension office is located at the Carbon County Administration Building on 751 East 100 North, Suite 1700.

“So those have about a limit, they have about a 10 kid limit – so hurry and sign up for those. But really kind of fun and exciting while the kids can’t be outside and play so much gives them something to do,” stated Barr. The 4-H program is dedicated to the growth and development of boys and girls of all backgrounds whether they live in the city or on a farm. The primary goal of 4-H is to assist youth in developing life skills that help them live productive and satisfying lives.

The program is always looking for adults who may have an amazing hobby or special skill that they would like to share. Ideas are leading a 4-H club, teaching a workshop, serving on a planning committee, organizing events or contests, serving as a judge during the fair or at a 4-H competition, coaching a team or be a sponsor of a contest or event. A club leader can become a rewarding volunteer experience not only for the adult but the students; the members who excel the most in
4-H are members of clubs with well-trained club leaders.

Any further questions may be answered by calling Utah State University Extension Office at (435) 636-3233.