Castleview Hospital has taken the proper steps and precautions to provide a safe environment for the community during the COVID-19 outbreak.

While no cases have been reported, or treated in the Castle Country, that hasn’t stopped Castleview Hospital from taken necessary measures. Those measures were not implemented out of fear, but out of precaution.

“Last week on Friday we actually decided it was time to implement our Emergency Management Plan,” said CEO Greg Cook. “We treat these patients every day, patients with viral symptoms every day. So we did this just out of abundance of caution just to make sure that we’ve got hospital resources ready and available.” Right now, the hospital is on a no visitor restrictions policy with the exception of OB patients, pediatric patients and patients with end of life care.

The hospital is doing their best for those patients in the hospital to let their family/friends know how they are doing.  “We do have something that we’ve just started recently with virtual visitation so we got iPads/tablets that we can provide to patients and allow family members to dial in and actually see their family member or patient I think that will help ease some of that anxiety of a no visitor policy,” said Cook. This is an attempt to think outside of the box to accommodate the needs of patients and visitors.

If you are sick and need hospital services, they are open. “You know if you are having complications of viral infections or something, we will treat you. We have isolation rooms available; we have regular hospital beds available and if we get a big influx of patients, we are prepared to expand the footprint of the hospital,” said Cook. Patients should understand that there is a screening process being conducted as they check-in.

The community has been very supportive in the efforts that hospital is making and even calling to offer a hand. “I’ve had a couple of community members reach out to me and offer support in manufacturing isolation rooms and different things or offering up space that they’ve got available should we need it and the amount of community support we’ve received, county commissioners letting me know that they’ve got staff members that aren’t working right now and if we need anything as far as staff or a presence they are there to help,” explained Cook. Its important that community members understand that the hospital is here to help that they will not close their doors to anyone that is in need of their services.

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