On March 23 it was announced by Governor Gary Herbert that all Utah schools would continue to be on dismissal until May 1 due to the COVID-19 virus. Castle Country Radio was able to sit down with Superintendent Lance Hatch to talk about the latest dismissal notice.

“The dismissal continues through May 1 which really means that it’s business as it has been over the last week or so,” said Superintendent Hatch. “We are getting a little better every day at delivering that instruction online or contacting students who are working on packets in elementary schools and we’re just going to continue that so there really won’t be any changes between now and May 1.” Parents will continue to work on academics with their students at home.

The Spring Break holiday for the Carbon School District is scheduled for April 6 through April 10 and will still take place as Superintendent Hatch explains, “We want people to understand there will be no teaching expectations, there will be no student work expectations during that week. We hope people can take a break. We hope students and teachers, all of our support staff will be able to take a break from the rigors of schoolwork especially in this change in how we’re doing things.” School officials are looking at possibly continuing the breakfast/lunch meal delivery during Spring Break, more details will come at a later time.

Many folks may have noticed that there are still some school busses running in the mornings and afternoon this is because the school district has been providing the breakfast/lunch program during the dismissal. The buses are making deliveries of meals to many of the bus stops around that area so that students 18 years and younger can enjoy a meal. “Several of the days we have served more meals now than when we are when school’s in session. So its been extremely successful and the feedback that we are getting from the community is outstanding,” said Superintendent Hatch. Parents that would like to find a location closest to their home can contact the Carbon School District at (435) 637-1732.

All elementary students will be receiving their second packet of school work from their teachers next week. “We are working right now. Elementary teachers have been working and are continuing to work this week to prepare those packets. They will be ready for Monday the 30th,” said Superintendent Hatch. Parents will either go into the school or drive up to pick up their student’s packet, it will depend how the school chooses to distribute the packets.