Emery County School District is on dismissal like all other schools in the state due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Castle Country Radio was able to speak with Superintendent Larry Davis over the telephone about how the district is adapting.

“Things have moved so quickly, it’s been very difficult to set down a policy or a way of doing things that’s going to stick to the wall. When we do that, we find out that things have changed coming down from the State Office of Education or maybe from the Governor’s office or a combination of both.  So, we have to look at the planning end of it very carefully,” stated Superintendent Davis. Right now, the district is moving forward now that the “soft closure” has been extended to May 1.

The main focus for school officials right now is trying to figure out how to grade students for the last quarter of the school year. “Those are things that we are going to be working on starting on Friday and then we will get input from school administrators and teachers before we make a final decision on that,” said Superintendent Davis. The district is hoping to come up with a grading practice that will accommodate all students within the district under the circumstances.

It seems as though most students are adjusting well to the “soft closure” but it’s a bit more difficult for older students, especially high school seniors. “This is the time of year as their winding down their public-school career and that they would be engaged in a number of activities that they would be doing for the last time. That means a lot to kids that age and to have those taken away is very difficult,” said Superintendent Davis.  At this point, its hard for school administration to narrow down any commencement plans but they are working together to brainstorm ideas until the “soft closure” has been lifted.

The district has established a school lunch program while in “soft closure” and it has been going very well. “We are nearing serving 2,000 of those every day and we only have 2,100 students so that’s a lot of kids taking advantage of our school lunch program and we want our kids to remain healthy through this process,” said Superintendent Davis. Parents who need further information about the school lunch program can contact the district office at (435) 687-9846.

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