Castle Country Radio was able to catch up with Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood over the telephone to talk about fire restrictions and other safety tips.


“We’ve noticed it’s been a little smokey here, we’ve had that fire up in Water Canyon, up above East Carbon and it looks like they’ve pretty much got a fire line around that now and they’re going to be mopping that up today,” said Sheriff Wood. It’s not known what the cause of the fire was but folks should start noticing clearer skies by Thursday or Friday.

The recent hot temperatures have dried out a lot of vegetation which poses as a fire concern. “August is typically our driest month of the year for the state of Utah so I expect to see it stay dry. It seems like that monsoonal moisture that we normally enjoy hasn’t happened this year much, and like I said that will hit in September. Maybe we will get some relief then but for now that’s the hand we’re dealt with we just kind have to be careful, just know that it’s super dry,” said Sheriff Wood. It’s important to obey the fire restrictions that have been put in place at this time, it’s not only for your safety but for others as well.

With the heat comes a few more cautions that folks need to worry about especially when it comes to our pets. “Everyone is a little different with their pets but if you have your dogs in a kennel even with shade you still need to let them out and get them out for a little bit, they’re just sitting in there, and its hot,” said Sheriff Wood. Pet owners should always make sure that their pets are never without water during these hot temperatures. A kiddie pool is not a bad idea for dogs to cool off in.

“The other thing is, your car heats up extremely fast in this high heat make sure that you aren’t leaving children in the car at all. Double-check your back seat. We all live hectic lives today, things like multi-task is the normal way of life and its easy to have your child go to sleep in the car and just kind of space that out for a second and it doesn’t take long for the care to get hot,” stated Sheriff Wood. Parents should always remember to look in the back seats before they lock up their cars.

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