The USU Extension Carbon County is hosting a course called Quick & Easy Cooking: Celebrating Pie Day on March 15 at 7:00 pm. Castle Country Radio was able to sit down with Assistant Professor in Family and Consumer Sciences, Christina Pay to get all the details.

“We want to keep the pie theme, but we also want to be sure we are doing the Quick & Easy helps for family who are making family dinner. So we’re going to be making mini pizza, mini pizza pies and empanadas, both delicious, and both easy, and lots of fun,” said Pay. These recipes are sure to be a hit with all families wanting to spend time together at dinner time.

These monthly Quick & Easy Cooking segments are a partnership of local organizations over the last three years that’s brought these cooking courses to the community. “We started just before COVID so we’ve had a little bit of a roller coaster ride but my partners have stayed with us all the way. I want to thank Castleview Hospital just to start with, they were our original backers and they provide support and indoor prizes to those who attend in person. Then of course our C.A.R.E Coalition who comes and gives us a prevention topic, anything to support youth and families, so Four Corners and the C.A.R.E. Coalition,” said Pay. The cooking courses would not be possible with out the help from the sponsors each month. This has proven to be a very educational night for all participants.

The Quick & Easy Cooking: Celebrating Pie Day course is free to attend. “We’ve got room for about 10 more, and they are free, so just as a reminder of the free plus you get to taste everything and the swag as you said,” stated Pay. Register today to join them live in the USU Extension Classroom OR watch LIVE on their Facebook page.

Next month in April there will be a Quick & Easy Cooking: It’s So Easy Being Cheesy on Apr. 19 at 7:00 pm. Registration for this course is currently open. The event will take place at the USU Extension Classroom at 751 East 100 North, Suite 1700 at 7:00 pm. Any questions about the event call the USU Extension-Carbon County office at (435) 636-3233.