This week’s Carbon School District weekly update shines a light on the Castle Valley Center. Principal Amy Bell stopped by Castle Country Radio to share some information about the school.

“We’re a special school, which that means that we’re a school for individuals with severe or significant disabilities only. So we don’t do regular CORE, we work towards that regular CORE but we accommodate it, and adapt it to meet the needs of our students. A lot of our students have a high level of needs, so we’re able to do something like our related services that we do more intensively than you would probably see in regular education setting,” said Principal Bell. Part of a student’s regular curriculum could include speech, language, and occupational therapy.

If you are a parent who feels that maybe your student could benefit from the Castle Valley Center’s services, you first need to reach out to your homeschool. “We’re a special education school and so parents need to start with their homeschool, and they reach out to their teacher or their special education teacher in that homeschool. I’m also the Special Education Director for the school district and we have a lot of great services out in regular program and really support those students. As we go through that process and they’re working through interventions, and those systems, then if they feel like the students are not progressing or meet the criteria that we have then they would work with us and we would kind of go through a protocol to see if they are appropriate for our school,” explained Principal Bell. Students must have a significant disability and be on an IEP in order to be considered for the Castle Valley Center.

The school is always looking for individuals who would like to substitute or be an aide for a day or two. If you would like to substitute or be an aide at the Castle Valley Center its best to contact the school first to see if you meet their qualifications, then you would go through the district. “If you’re interested specifically in Castle Valley Center if they would call my school and talk to my secretary there, she will walk people through what that means to be a substitute in my building and who is willing. I mean we even take people who, we have some people on our sub list that say that, I can only sub on Fridays, we’ll take you on Fridays. My secretary keeps track of who can work when, and what classes they like and do that,” said Principal Bell. A school district background check will still need to be conducted if you are suitable for a substitute or aide position at the school.

For more information about Castle Valley Center visit their website at