Price City recently began to notify residents that there will be a Planned Power Outage on Apr. 6 from 12:01 AM to 8:00 am. Castle Country Radio was able to sit down with Electrical System Manager, Steve Richardson to get all the details for listeners.

“We’re going to have to disconnect the substation from the main feed coming in to the city and in order to do that we’ll have to shut the city down for the time being. That’s to be able to repair parts that we normally don’t have to but, in this case, they are starting to show wear and fail,” said Richardson. Workers will then re-connect the city, while work is being completed, upon completion the city will then again be disconnected while they reconnect the sub-station.

Price City has seven sub-stations circuits that are fed by three sub-stations and the one located south of the Carbon High Baseball fields is where the work will be conducted. “Everybody kind of right there around Cedar Hills Drive and north and east of that will be out for the entire time for us to do additional work on that sub-station that we normally can’t do while it’s energized,” explained Richardson. The workers will use this time to get all the maintenance work completed.

The priority for Price City is to limit the duration and frequency of outages and will only interrupt power when and only for as long as necessary to make these improvements. “Just a couple of hours of an outage to do this stuff prevents even day long or week-long outages in the future. To have Planned Outage is very important so we are able to do this stuff in a controlled manner. Otherwise, if these items were to fail, again, the outages could be far more severe, more costly and much longer,” said Richardson. During this time, all customers throughout the city that receive power services from Price City may experience several outages lasting up to 75 minutes each.

Updates will be provided on the live Price City Power update page that customers can access on their phones from the link that will be sent out through our customer text-message notification system before the outage begins. To sign up for the Price City Power customer text message notification system text “power” to (435) 636-3166 then follow the prompts. Register before 4:00 PM on Friday Apr. 5, in order to make sure you can receive messages about the outage.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Price City Utilities Office at (435) 636-3197.