Jordan Blanc was named the new head coach of the Lady Dinos basketball team in April and hit the ground running this summer with camps that have already taken place at USU Eastern and the University of Utah plus plenty of open gym time.

The girl’s season doesn’t start until November but it hasn’t stopped the team from getting together and getting to know the new coaching staff as well. His coaching staff will include Jeff Blanc at the varsity level. Dakota Cisneros will be the JV coach. Julianne Orth and Butchie Vasquez will round out the group.

Recently he joined KOAL’s Drive Time Sports to talk about several topics from the transition to high school from middle school, taking over a very steady program and having a great support system, and what the team will look like this season after a couple of big losses to graduation.

When asked about the similarities between coaching at the middle school level and school it was all about organization.

“Setting up your practice plan here’s our calendar, here’s those things and that correlates well but then there’s the added pressure of alright high school sports, you gotta win. This is a full-time gig, you know if you don’t win, are we gonna keep you there?”

Blanc went on to talk about the support system available to him at the school and within his coaching staff.

“It’s great having Ted (Bianco) there as the Athletic Director, he gets constant phone calls, and I’m sure he gets bombarded with those calls and sometimes a little upset with me calling all the time, but I just like picking the brain of former coaches and what worked for them. And the same with Coach (Cami) Carlson, she came to a couple of our games and it was fun to talk to her after and just talk “x’s and o’s” and what works and what doesn’t work, and what she saw, and it’s great to know that they want the best for Carbon High athletics.”

Next, he talked about losing three stellar athletes Amiah Timothy and Madi Orth, who have moved on to college.

“We lost two 1,000-point scorers in one season in Madi and Amiah, so filling that responsibility of who’s going to score for us, effort-wise the girls are always giving us 100% effort, but now it’s like, ‘okay why am I getting doubled, I’ve never been doubled in three years’, so now it’s just figuring out when the double comes, I’ve got to kick out somebody’s open.”

Blanc went on to remind everyone about the girl’s basketball camp that is coming up later in the month.

If you have any questions about the camp taking place July 15 & 16, you can reach out to Coach Blanc at

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