An AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team, known as Blue Six, will be serving in Green River from June 2 to July 13. Blue Six will be serving with Green River Positive Action Community Team (PACT).

Green River PACT actively works to provide much needed social services for every resident within the small rural community of Green River, Utah. Through elementary-age youth programming, promotion of healthy lifestyles, access to community resources, and affordable housing, PACT strives to reach the potential in everyone.

“The NCCC team will bring energy and enthusiasm to many of PACTs summer projects, members will provide outside perspective, exposing the kids to a large array of experiences and states of origin. The team will also complete projects that will improve the services offered at Pyramid, the Green River Thrift Store, and Oasis’s Silent City Garden says Justin Queen, Executive Director of Green River PACT.

The team will work on site improvements at Silent City Gardens to meet the dual goals of providing more fresh produce to the community and beautifying an empty space in town. The team will aid in the implementation of the garden and distribution of the produce in its first season.

At Pyramid, members will take part in the summer programs, providing activities that are fun, enriching, and help youth to meet academic goals. Members will improve the preschool programming space by providing general upkeep and developing an outdoor playspace. At the Thrift Store members will help sort, organize, and upgrade the store, transforming an empty lot behind the building into a community space. Members will take part in a variety of projects, enhancing their exposure to different realms of service, as well as gain an understanding of rural life.