The Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County is excited to start their Summer Program on Monday, June 13 beginning at 12:30 pm till 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The program is a great opportunity for children ages K through 12 to be creative, build character and receive academic enrichment during the summer break.

TraciLynn Anglesey, Youth Coordinator, talked about the program, “Our Summer Program covers kindergarten through twelfth grade, and we have four different groups. We have early elementary, upper elementary, junior high and high school. Our first day is Monday the thirteenth and our hours are 12:30 until 5:30 each day.” Unfortunately, lunch will not be made available to children/teens so parents are urged to make sure their child/teen have been fed lunch before they attending the Summer Program each day. The club will provide a late afternoon snack to the children/teens around 3:00 pm.

The program is set to run for eight weeks and is very affordable for families. “If they are not members yet, they just need to come in and fill out a membership registration and it’s a $20.00 fee for the whole school year. So if you aren’t a member yet that will only go until school starts and then there is a new fee at the beginning of each school year but its only $20.00 for the whole year,” said Anglesey.

Teen Director, Deserai Stevenson spoke about the organized activities planned during the summer, “We are doing a program called Brain Gain, so we do things that cover math, reading, computer technology and we’re also going to make days where we go to the wave pool, we’re going to do fun camping trips, hiking trips; so it’s not all just school stuff, we’re going to do other fun stuff on top of it as well, but our main focus is the school stuff.”

The Boys and Girls Club is always looking for caring volunteers to come in and make a difference in a young person’s life. “You know any volunteers work; we would love them. So if you know somebody is really good at one-on-one reading skills with kids, we would appreciate that as well; science, math, anything to do with computers, gaming, those kinds of things, we’re always looking for people to walk-in and help us,” said Stevenson.

To learn more about the Summer Program or volunteer opportunities at the Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County call 637-6066 or visit their website at