Did you know that the 4-H program is much more than agriculture? Its curriculum focuses on science, healthy living and citizenship which in turn helps to empower the youth. The local Utah State University Extension Office is looking to get school-age children from kindergarten up to 12th grade to become involved in their Summer Fun Clubs.

“4-H is a positive youth development program and it works with mentors who are volunteers, who share their skills and knowledge with the kids and it gives them leadership,” said 4-H Coordinator, DeLayna Barr. “We really like to push the leadership, as far as, let them be the president this week or let them be in charge so they get those leadership skills. Let alone all these other skills they can learn from all the different clubs that are available.”

Program officials are offering a great affordable summer pass for kids to become involved. “Its $10.00 and mainly that is for insurance purposes but each club might have a $2.00 dues or supply costs, something like that. But all classes for $10.00 through the whole summer to keep your kids busy and engaged and learning new skills,” stated Barr. Parents who would like to register their child for the 4-H Summer Program online at https://ut.4honline.com/Login.aspx?403D40772F51342B395668666D673D

The summer classes scheduled this far are cooking, tabletop games, fairy gardens, fishing, geology, interior design, kitchen science, personal power, photography, shooting sports, tennis and wildlife. To view more details on when classes start visit the program’s calendar at http://carboncounty4-h.org/calendar

The program is always looking for adults who may have an amazing hobby or special skill that they would like to share. Ideas are leading a 4-H club, teaching a workshop, serving on a planning committee, organizing events or contests, serving as a judge during the fair or at a 4-H competition, coaching a team or be a sponsor of a contest or event. A club leader can become a rewarding volunteer experience not only for the adult but the students; the members who excel the most in 4-H are members of clubs with well-trained club leaders. To learn more about how to become a club leader visit http://carboncounty4-h.org/club-leader

Any further questions may be answered by calling Utah State University Extension Office at 636-3233 or stop by the office located inside the Carbon County Administration Building at 751 East 100 North, Suite 1700.