There are many fun activities and events taking place at the Carbon County Event Center from sports to upcoming concerts. Carbon County Commissioner Tony Martines was excited to inform the community about all the fun.

“The ice skating pond, I was just out there today working with the guys talking about a bunch of different things that are coming. As you mentioned, we have the ice skating pond, we have the Junior Jazz going, we have the batting cages in doors,” said Martines. The rates to rent the batting cages is $25.00 per hour or you can utilized their punch passes for $250.00.

There are many upcoming concerts coming to the area for local community members to enjoy. On February 13, Collin Raye featuring Celeste Carter will be in concert, followed by Grammy award winning artists Diamond Rio who are scheduled to appear on March 26. “But we just got another one, you guys ever hear of Charlie Daniels? Charlie Daniels will be coming in June to Carbon County as well so that will be another must see for the locals,” stated Commissioner Martines. The Charlie Daniels Band is scheduled to play on June 18. Any individuals who would like to purchase concert tickets may do so by visiting

The North Springs Shooting Range has some upcoming events that are sure to bring many visitors to the area. “And there possibly is going to be a big event later this summer at the shooting range as well, might be military involved and all kinds of fun stuff so,” said Commissioner Martines. Further details will come at a later time.

The Carbon County Event Center is a great facility that the county is hoping to be more utilized. Any community members that would like further information on the events and activities taking place at the Carbon County Event Center may contact (435) 636-3702 or visit their Facebook page.