The Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments (SEUALG) stopped by Castle Country Radio to talk about all the details of the Business Recovery Grant Program.

“A lot of people have been reading on the news, seen the newspaper, about the CARES Act that congress has passed. A little portion of that money has come down to all the counties in Utah. A piece of the CARES Act was given to the State of Utah, then the State of Utah allocated it to all the counties. Carbon County along with it’s member cities, East Carbon, Wellington, Price and Helper have all decided that they wanted to do a Small Business Grant Program to help small businesses in the county, recover from the COVID pandemic,” said Regional Economic Development Strategist, Jade Powell. The amount of money that is able to be granted out to various businesses is about $1 million. There is an application process that has to be followed for any interested businesses.

“So first I’ll start by saying that the max that a business could ask for is as much as they can show a loss. This is a loss from March till present of 2019 compared to March of 2020 to present and what’s that loss and so that’s the max that a business can ask for,” stated Powell. This grant funding could assist the business with rent, utilities, payroll, payroll expenses, or any other costs that have to do with the COVID pandemic. The grant request must not exceed the amount of loss a business may have incurred due to COVID-19. If a business has already received funding from other governmental entities, they still could be eligible for the Business Recovery Grant Program as long as their expenditures are different than what was funded beforehand.

Grants will be made available to qualifying businesses on a first-come, first-serve basis, at the Business Recovery Grant Program’s discretion, until funds are depleted or until November 15. The grant application is available online at “Then you can return the application either one of three ways. You can either email to Brandon McCandless and his email is and that’s also in the application so you don’t have to remember that; you can either mail it to us at our offices at P.O. Box 1106, Price, Utah or you can drop it off at our offices at 375 South Carbon Avenue,” explained Powell. Applicants must submit a W-9 as part of this application. The grant award will be taxable and reported as income by the awarding entity; the grantee will receive a 1099. Applications will be reviewed by representatives of each participating local government entity.

For questions and other information please contact Jade Powell at (435) 613-0022 or email