This week’s Carbon School District weekly update shines the spotlight on Castle Valley Center. Castle Country Radio had the opportunity to sit down with first-year Principal Amy Bell to talk about all the great activities taking place at the school.

This is the first year at the helm for Principal Bell, however, she is no stranger to Castle Valley as she has been part of the school for the last few years. She’s definitely looking forward to her new duties and working with the students, faculty, and staff.  “We have such a great staff. It really just takes a unique teacher to teach at Castle Valley Center. We have kids with some very unique needs and challenges and they meet that so well. They’re just phenomenal at what they do, they relate to the kids, they advocate for them. They’re just phenomenal,” stated Principal Bell.

Last year there was a new addition built on to the school and students have settled in nicely. “Mike Keller who was the previous principal really worked to kind of get that addition. Before that we had a couple of trailers out, that we had kids out in trailers, which was very difficult because some of our students have wheelchairs and difficulty walking. So they were having to go outside and walk across snowy ground at times and up ramps. So that addition allowed us to bring two new classrooms, plus we also serve an adult program,” said Principal Bell. This addition gives the adult program much needed space to do all of their different activities and projects.

The school has some great programs this year that keep their student very active.  “We have an adaptive P.E. program that our OT/PT are putting together for us this year. So we’re taking the motor skills, development and incorporating that into fun games, which is also a social aspect for our students so not only can they develop motor skills but they’re also interacting with each other,” said Principal Bell. The school also has been doing yoga outside with a member of the community who comes and donates their time to work with the students.

“One of our goals this year, school goal, is to kind of really develop ways to community access, get out in the community – which we can’t do right now. So what we’re doing is building those in our building if we can. So we’ve put together a little concession stand, kind of like a store which helps our students to work on waiting, and ordering, and communicating, making choices, and so it’s all to kind of help support the skills that they need to go out and be independent as they get older,” stated Principal Bell. The school hosted a movie where students were able to purchase various items from the concession stand while enjoying an afternoon movie.

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