June 10, 2021, 8:00 AM


The Bennion Fire is continuing to burn in the vicinity of Skyline and Starvation roads on the Manti-La Sal National Forest. Handcrews and engines made additional progress yesterday. The crews conducted a successful firing operation yesterday, tying in a piece of line. Following a successful shift yesterday the fire is now 25% contained. Today crews will continue to secure line and scout for additional control features and opportunities. Based on progress made by crews yesterday and today and the Type 3 teams comfort level a small number of resources continue to be on loan to the Bear fire near Price, UT. Loaned resources will return to Bennion Creek when the Bear Fire receives the resources they have ordered. Smoke is visible in the surrounding communities and from Highway 6. Starvation road, Bennion Ridge road, and Forest Road 0008(Bear Ridge Road) are closed for public & firefighter safety. Please remain clear of the fire area.

Current Resources:

Handcrews: 4

Engines: 3

Helicopters: 4

Dozer: 2

Closures: Bennion Ridge Road, Forest Road 0008(Bear Ridge Road), and Starvation Road.

Evacuations: None