Carbon High School was highlighted on this week’s Carbon School District weekly update so Principal Jared Hardy stopped by Castle Country Radio to discuss what’s new this year at the high school.

There are still some final touches to be done as far as construction goes. “We’re winding construction down. We’re just working on punch list items, most of our area is ready to go. We’re waiting on a few parts and different things for the last pieces but we’re almost there,” said Principal Hardy. The addition has now gotten the modular building classrooms inside the main building which will help in keeping students safe and in one location.

“So new this year we no longer have our flex period that was right before lunch, we have something that is called Advisory, it will function a lot in the same way. Each student will be assigned an advisor, so they will meet with that advisor Tuesday through Friday. That advisor will help track grades and talk to the students if they are behind or need some help. Just act as that extra check for the students,” explained Principal Hardy. This is a 30-minute period that is a great time for teachers to request that students come in and get help. This period is worth a half credit and can easily be passed by attending and participating.

There are several events scheduled to help kick off the school year this week. “So our Student Government has a welcome week planned this week and starting tonight at the pool from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm we’re having a pool party for the students, free admission for high school students to come in from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and hang out with their friends and get ready for the new year and have some fun,” said Principal Hardy. On Thursday night before the volleyball game Student Government will host a Game Night where students will be able to play board games in the Grand Canyon area.

Finishing out the week will be the football game on Friday night against Grand County High School. “We’re excited first home game, coming off a big win against a 5A team, pretty impressive for our guys. So we’re excited to see what we can do against Grand, usually a good game when we play Grand, so we’re excited for that. We move into Saturday, we have Chalk Dance from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm out on the soccer field,” stated Principal Hardy.

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