The United Way of Eastern Utah has been busily working on in-house projects since they have finished the Angel Tree season. This is a time to get things organized and ready for another successful year at United Way of Eastern Utah. Castle Country Radio was able to sit down with Director, Pam Boyd to talk about the Live.Love.Local Cancer Assistance Program, Souls 2 Soles Shoe Program and a scholarship opportunity.

One of the programs that run year-round at United Way of Eastern Utah is their Live.Love.Local Cancer Assistance Program. “You know our Live.Love.Local program which is available year-round, people can apply for it today, is the cancer assistance program. Its something that you know when someone gets a cancer diagnosis they got a whole lot on their plate, and one of the things is, how do you afford to go and get your treatment. You know the radio station does a gas card program and United Way also does a gas card program and we helped out 32 individuals last year,” stated Boyd. The gas cards are given in the amount of $500.00. This is a way for the program to financially assist patients with their cancer treatments.

In August of last year United Way of Eastern Utah held a Pop-up Shoe Shop. The program assisted many families who don’t have the means to purchase new shoes for their children for the new school year. “We had so much success with the Pop-up Shoe Shop, I was really excited about that. You know last year we gave away 616 pairs of shoes. That came down to about 300 pair here in Price, about 300 pairs at the event we did in Monticello. Then we still have, if a kid gets to school, and their shoes fall apart or they’re too big or some reason what’s on their feet isn’t working for them that day, I get a call from the school counselor that day we’ll get them a new pair of shoes,” explained Boyd. She is planning to host another Pop-up Shoe Shop in August and hopes to reach out to more families who are in need.

United Way of Eastern Utah is looking forward to accepting applications from high school seniors who may be interested in a scholarship to further their education. “If you’re a high school senior, your school counselor right now should have applications for the United Way scholarship, $500.00 scholarship. We would love to hear from you, you know our scholarship asks students to share stories about their volunteerism because that’s what we’re about. So those applications are available, we would love to hear from you, they’re due next month,” stated Boyd. If anyone has any questions about the scholarship application process, they are urged to call the United Way of Eastern Utah office at (435) 637-8911 or they may email the office at liveunited@uweu.org