Utah State University is conducting another Utah Wellbeing Survey for residents and they are needing folks to complete the survey. This is the same type of survey that was conducted in 2019 for Price, Helper and East Carbon. Castle Country Radio was able to speak over the telephone with Dr. Courtney Flint to discuss all the details.

“We’ve been doing surveys in Carbon County and all over the state actually back to 2019 and it’s called the Utah Wellbeing Survey and any adult can participate, so it’s open to anyone 18 years of age or over, who the resident in the study area of East Carbon, Price or Helper,” said Dr. Flint. Each year the survey has been conducted so that city/state/local officials can use the results to determine the needs of their residents.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and has questions about your wellbeing in the community. “I mean it’s a Wellbeing Survey so we’re trying to get a sense of how people think their wellbeing is but also in different categories, you know like how’s your connection to the state, how’s your living standards, how’s your social connection, a variety of things like that. But we also ask about different concerns that people might have about the future of their community,” said Dr. Flint. This year officials have added a few more questions to help them better understand the wants and needs of the community.

You can access the Utah Wellbeing Survey quite easily as Dr. Flint explains, “Well there’s a lot of different ways, the city websites are probably are all going to have it on there, but you can also google USU Utah Wellbeing Project and you’ll get to our website. We’ll have all the cities and the links up there. You’ll see it in social media, you’ll probably see it even in the newsletter or utility bills, its going to come at you in a wide variety of different directions. You can also contact me; I’m Courtney Flint at Utah State University and I’ll help you out.”

You can access the survey by clicking http://tinyurl.com/Price2024