Price City each month sends a representative to Castle Country Radio to keep listeners posted or informed on various topics. This month brought in Price City Public Works Director, Miles Nelson who spoke on the cleanup of leaves, snow removal, and upcoming Public Scoping Meeting.

Fall is upon us and so is the accumulation of lots of leaves along properties and in the streets.  “The responsibility of the leaves of course is the citizens and their properties and their leaves. We need to remind you that the challenge of leaves is what to do with them. I remind the citizens that we’ll come pick them up as long as you’ve bagged them. So instead of raking them into the gutters and into the streets where they’ll cause possible hazards to traffic and other things, we ask that you bag them up and put them on your parkway and then give us a call at the Public Works Office and we’ll come by and pick them up,” said Nelson. This pickup option is also available for weeds as long as they are bagged up. Residents can get assistance with pickup/disposal of their bagged-up leaves/weeds by calling the Public Works Department at (435) 637-5010.

Winter is right around the corner so it is important that residents remember the city’s ordinances and snow removal procedures. “It’s your responsibility to keep your sidewalks clear for pedestrians, and when you remove your snow its important to remember where to put it. That’s usually the challenge is what do I do with my snow, I got all this extra snow. It’s important to keep as much as it on your own property as you can and not put on other people’s properties or in the street because the street can cause another hazard for traffic so keep it on your own property,” explained Nelson. Property owners need to remember that their sidewalks should be cleared within 24-hours of a snowstorm to allow for safe passage of pedestrians. There is also a 24-hour rule for cars to be moved off the streets so that snowplow drivers are able to get through to clear the roads.

There is a Public Scoping Meeting coming up for the Upper Price River Watershed Plan-EIS that will take place on Thursday, October 29. Nelson speaks on the subject, “The city was fortunate in obtaining federal funding to be able to do a study on our Upper Price River Watershed, where we are looking to improve the conservation and also expand the use of the water where we can. One of the challenges we have in our area is we are a dry area we’re a desert and we have limited resource in water. So we were fortunate the federal government gave us this grant to be able to do a study to see what we can do to improve our system whether its conservation or possible storage of water. We’re just starting this process, its probably going to be a 2 year process to get through it all but we’re excited get through and look at what the options are and that we can increase our resources.” To learn more about the Upper Price River Watershed Plan-EIS visit their website at